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12/12/2018, 4:00pm EST
By Indiana Nitro

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This fall, several Nitro athletes had their first opportunity to dive into offensive player development. Players spent 8 weeks working to develop bat speed and bat path. To break down the importance of this in simpler terms, +1 mph increase in bat speed equates to +5’ distance to any elevated line drive or fly ball!

This fall we hosted over 45 Nitro athletes. Average bat speed improvement was 9.77 mph AND 9.42 mph in exit velocity!

In pre-test setting, the highest average score for any individual player was 77.7 mph. Conversely, 23 of the 45 players however, finished the program with a score above that 77.7 mph! 

Additionally, 5 players exit velocity topped 90+ mph as well as 19 more ascending above 80+ mph! 

Our highly anticipated Winter session begins with testing day on Sunday, January 6th from 9am - 11am, and subsequent classes will take place each Sunday, all the way up to March 3rd, prior to the HS baseball season beginning . 

High School Class:  9:00am - 10:30am
High School Class:  10:30am - 12 Noon
Youth Class:  2:00pm - 3:00pm

To register, please email Indiana Nitro President Jeff Cleckner at and include your age. The High School program will only be $225 and our Youth program will only be $175, for the full 8 weeks. 

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